YPS Wildlife Contest 2018  

YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018

Welcome to YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018

Youth Photographic Society (YPS) is one of the oldest photo clubs in India with 47 successful years behind it. Over the last few years, YPS has gone through a digital transformation modernizing its services. Visit YPS Website. We are pleased to welcome you to YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018. We aim to make your participation experience seamless and memorable throughout. To achieve this, we have designed a world-class web-site with the following features:

  • No need for separate "Submission". All pictures uploaded are treated as submitted.
  • Ability to upload, edit and replace pictures any time till the last date.
  • Easy Payment through card any time. Automatic and immediate credit of amount to your account.
  • Ability to change/increase the number of sections of participation till the last date.

We hope you have a great experience.

- YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018 Committee


The Contest is open only to persons resident in Karnataka, India. Members of Youth Photographic Society should login using YPS Member ID to register for the contest. Non-YPS Members should register using their email ID.

The following restrictions are enforced on uploaded pictures and prints.

  1. The Maximum Width or Breadth or Horizontal Side or X Axis is 1920 pixels
  2. The Maximum Height or Vertical Side or Y Axis is 1200 pixels
  3. There are no specific DPI requirements.

Submission closes at Midnight INDIA on Sep 20, 2018.

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About YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018

About YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018


The week starting October 2nd will be celebrated as Wildlife Week in 2018. Due to its abundant wildlife, Bengaluru has the highest concentration of wildlife photographers. It is customary for YPS to celebrate Wildlife Week every year by sharing knowledge and felicitating deserving photographers who have contributed to Wildlife conservation and/or excelled in Wildlife Photography. This year YPS has also organized a YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018 open to all photographers from Karnataka. The YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018 is a DIGITAL Contest and has three sections. Three winners from each section will have the privilege of receiving a prize from eminent Nature Photographers of Karnataka.

A Focused Contest

YPS Wildlife Photography Contest 2018 is now open for participation with some exciting new features:

  • The Contest is open only to residents of Karnataka.
  • It is a DIGITAL Contest.
  • Popular Nature Sections: WILDLIFE, BIRDS, MACRO.
  • Single small fee facilitates participation in all sections.
  • All payments are through fully integrated on-line gateway. No need to wait for payment to be verified.
  • If you have ever participated in an YOS Salon in the past, your profile will be automatically pulled up saving time to register.
  • Professionally managed with quick responses to all queries raised through the Salon website.

Get started today. You can always substitute your pictures or even change sections till the last moment.
Contact us if you need further information.



Participants can upload up to 4 pictures under each of the following sections for maximum participation. Please consult the award categories under each section while uploading images to maximize your win chances. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for restrictions on the content and post-processing for each section.


Birds represent flighted and flightless birds in the wild that are not raised by humans for food or otherwise and that are not entirely dependent on human beings for their living and growth in population. Pictures of Birds feeding chicks in the nest will be rejected. Pictures of Bats should be uploaded under Wildlife section.


Pictures uploaded under the Macro Section should depict (a) insects like Spiders, Butterflies, Bees, Cicadas etc., (b) small amphibians like Frogs, small Reptiles like Garden Lizards, worms, snakes, snails etc., (c) Flowers and (d) other tiny forms of life like mushrooms and non-life like dew drops etc. Pictures of dead subjects are not allowed. Macro subjects could have been shot in gardens or wild areas.


Entries uploaded to Wildlife Section should relate to undomesticated Animals, large Reptiles like Pythons and Monitors and large Amphibians like Crocodiles not introduced by human beings that depict life in the wild. Species of Bats will also fall under this category.




# Sections REGULAR Fee Structure
3 Digital sections 300.00


# Sections REGULAR Fee Structure
3 Digital sections 300.00


Contest Dates

Last Date for submission of entries Digital: Thu, Sep 20, 2018
Submission will automatically cease at midnight INDIA time. Submissions through email/posts will not be judged.
Judging Date Sat, Sep 22, 2018 Venue: JP Nagar Cultural Association, 43, P-1, 3rd Cross, 19th A Main,
JP Nagar 2nd Phase
Bengaluru - 560078..
Announcement of Results Tue, Sep 25, 2018 The results will be posted on the salon website. Each entrant would also receive an email intimation of the same.
Wildlife Week Celebration & Awards October 5 - 7, 2018 Venue: ,

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General Awards

Best Picture Award - Birds 1

2nd Award - Birds 1

3rd Award - Birds 1

Best Picture Award - Macro 1

2nd Award - Macro 1

3rd Award - Macro 1

Best Picture Award - Wildlife 1

2nd Award - Wildlife 1

3rd Award - Wildlife 1


Submission End Date :
For Digital: September 20, 2018
Judging : September 22, 2018

Results : September 25, 2018

Wildlife Week Celebration : October 5 - 7, 2018


Contact: Mr. Satish H, MFIAP, MICS, ARPS, Hon.FICS, Hon.YPS, Hon.ECPA, satishtusker@gmail.com, 94486-87595
Contact: Mr. Murali Santhanam, murali.santhanam@yahoo.co.in, 94813-69204

Youth Photographic Society Bengaluru
TT Hall, 3rd Floor,
State Youth Centre of Karnataka,
Nrupathanga Road, Bengaluru - 560001.
Email: contest@ypsbengaluru.com

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Youth Photographic Society

Youth Photographic Society (YPS) Bengaluru, the hosts for this contest, is a not-for-profit organization started in 1971 to further the Art of Photography. With over 400 members, YPS is among the largest Photography Clubs in India and also boasts of hosting 44 National and International Salons. It has been nurtured by doyens of Indian Photography like Late Mr. T N A Perumal, Late Mr. E Hanumantha Rao and Late Mr. C Rajagopal. The club conducts regular slideshows on every first and third saturday of the month, alongside exhibitions and workshops, for the benefit of its members.

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