New picture size requirements apply from August 2017.

  1. The Maximum Size for the longer side is now 1920 pixels, increased from 1024 pixels specified earlier.
  2. Now there is also a Minimum Size for the longer side. The longer side should be a minimum of 1024 pixels.Any picture less than this size will be rejected.

Karnataka Tourism Monthly Contest

Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka in association with Youth Photographic Society, is pleased to invite you to participate in the Monthly Photography Contest sponsored by Department of Tourism to promote tourism in Karnataka.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your photographs on Karnataka will show the entire world the beauty and diversity of Karnataka. The Picture of the Month will be displayed in large hoardings of the Department, which are put up at prominent places, with the name of the photographer. Award-winning pictures will be used in promotion material of the Department with due credits to the photographer.

Women Photographers Pick up your Gear

We are pleased to announce that From July 2017, Karnataka Tourism has doubled the Picture of the Month Awards to encourage Women Photographers to compete and win awards. From now on there will be ONE Picture of the Month Award for Women Photographers and one for Male Photographers. We request Women Photographers to participate with increased enthusiasm and walk away with awards.

Adventure and Water Sports

Adventure and Water Sports

Karnataka is famous for its impeccable beauty, cultural dimensions as well as adventure sports. Bordering the Western Ghats, Karnataka has an amicable climate and topography that attracts thousands of tourists from all over India. The splendid waterfalls, the thick jungles, the gigantic hills and the adventurous places in Karnataka present you with scope for all kind of activities. Karnataka is one such place, where thousands come together to enjoy the fun and venture the state has in store for them.

The best part of Karnataka is the thickest of forests and the mysterious stories that follow as tell-tale among the common people. A combination of mystery and fun, that is Karnataka. The state hosts many exciting sports events to quench the thirst of any adventure lover. The state is ideal for an adventure escapade. A religious mystery lies in every part of Karnataka which truly drives the adventure lovers to the state.

Here are few adventure sports in Karnataka:

  • Microlight Flying
  • Scuba Diving
  • Jet Ski Ride
  • White Water Rafting
  • Off-road Driving
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cave Exploration
  • Parasailing
  • Dirt Biking
  • High Rope Navigating
  • Cycling and Biking
  • Angling
  • Zorbing
  • Kayaking

Is our Karnataka not packed with fun and adventure? I am sure you had a taste of some of these yourselves. Show the world what you enjoyed most.

Bring out the best of Karnataka ! Expose the hidden Gems !

Apart from winning cash prizes and certificates from Department of Tourism, the contest winner's picture (Picture of the Month) will be displayed by Karnataka Tourism in large hoardings in prominent places with due credit to the Photographer.

Don't you want your picture to be seen by thousands?

Also selected pictures from this contest will be used in promotional materials such as hoardings and publications distributed all over the world with due credits to the photographer.

Last date to submit pictures is Aug 31, 2017

Here are some key points to note:

  • The contest is open to photo enthusiasts from all over India.
  • All Pictures must be submitted on-line through this website. Submission of pictures through emails and in print form will not be accepted.
  • Pictures submitted must have been photographed in Karnataka.
  • Pictures that have already won Awards or Certificates in the earlier Karnataka Tourism Contests hosted since Sep 2016 by YPS are not eligible to compete.
  • Pictures with the name of photographer in Title or File Name or on the face of the picture will be rejected.
  • If the picture submitted has recognizable isolated faces in prominence, the photographer submitting the picture should have the concurrence of the person(s) in the photograph for use in promotional material.
  • Karnataka Tourism plans to publicize the Picture of the Month through large hoardings placed in prominent places with due credits to the Photographer. Selected pictures will also be used in other promotional materials. Hence the photographer must be in a position to provide a full resolution picture in TIFF or JPEG format with at least 4500 pixels on the long side.

Read all Terms and Conditions before submitting your pictures.

The contest is hosted by Youth Photographic Society (YPS) Bengaluru.




Adventure and Water Sports

Picture of the Month - General 1

Cash Award: Rs.10000 each

Karnataka Tourism will be displaying the Picture of the Month in large hoardings in prominent places with due credit to the Photographer.

Picture of the Month - Woman 1

Cash Award: Rs.10000 each

Karnataka Tourism will be displaying the Picture of the Month in large hoardings in prominent places with due credit to the Photographer.

Certificate of Merit 4

Cash Award: Rs.5000 each

The Photographer would be provided a Certificate from Karnataka Tourism.

Simple Steps to Participate

Step 1 - Register your details if you are participating in the contest for the first time. If you are already registered, you can directly go for Upload.

Step 2 - Upload your images. Enter your registered Email and Password, if requested, to login. You can upload one picture at a time. Thumbnails of your uploaded pictures will be shown on the right side. After submitting the maximum allowed number of pictures, you will not be allowed to upload any pictures.

Substituting an Uploaded Picture - If you want to change any picture already submitted, click on the icon below the picture that you want to substitute. This will remove that picture from your list and you will be allowed to upload another picture.

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