Karnataka Tourism Monthly Contest

Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka in association with Youth Photographic Society, is pleased to invite you to participate in the Monthly Photography Contest sponsored by Department of Tourism to promote tourism in Karnataka.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your photographs on Karnataka will show the entire world the beauty and diversity of Karnataka. The Picture of the Month will be displayed in large hoardings of the Department, which are put up at prominent places, with the name of the photographer. Award-winning pictures will be used in promotion material of the Department with due credits to the photographer.

Temples of Karnataka

Temples are places of Worship and Worship transcends Religions. They bring together people from all over the world and demonstrate our culture.

Karnataka is a bundle of different cultures and religions coming from a rich heritage planted by South Indian Kingdoms like Hoysala, Chalukya, Vjayanagara, Dravidian, Jain, Mughal and Christian. Almost all the religions have built shrines of mind-blowing magnitude with intricate architecture in praise of the glory of the Gods. These temple have also remained our permanent records of our rich history. Many of these temples are more than 700 years old, with some even more than 1000 years old, and they are still being used for worship. Temples have also remained the center of festivals that promote community gatherings with a heightened emotional involvement. Temples have fuelled cultural development resulting in many art forms like dance and music performed in praise of God. And the varieties of such art forms are equally amazing. These are good enough reasons to attract thousands from all over the world. Go ahead and submit pictures of Temples of Karnataka.

The contest winner's picture (Picture of the Month) will be displayed by Karnataka Tourism in large hoardings in prominent places with due credit to the Photographer. Also selected pictures from this contest will be used in promotional materials such as hoardings and publications distributed all over the world with due credits to the photographer.

Submit your pictures! Shoot to Fame!

Upcoming Themes

April 2017: Karnataka Landscapes

Last date to submit pictures is Mar 31, 2017

Here are some key points to note:

  • The contest is open to photo enthusiasts from all over India.
  • Pictures submitted must have been shot in Karnataka.
  • Pictures that have already won Awards or Certificates in the earlier Karnataka Tourism Contests hosted since Sep 2016 by YPS are not eligible to compete.
  • Pictures with the name of photographers in Title or File Name or on the face of the picture will b rejected.
  • If the picture submitted has recognizable isolated faces in prominence, the photographer submitting the picture should have the concurrence of the person(s) in the photograph for use in promotional material.
  • Karnataka Tourism plans to publicize the Picture of the Month through large hoardings placed in prominent places with due credits to the Photographer. Selected pictures will also be used in other promotional materials. Hence the photographer must be in a position to provide a full resolution picture in TIFF or JPEG format with at least 4500 pixels on the long side.

Read all Terms and Conditions before submitting your pictures.

The contest was hosted by Youth Photographic Society (YPS) Bengaluru.





Temples of Karnataka

Picture of the Month 1

Karnataka Tourism will be displaying the Picture of the Month in large hoardings in prominent places with due credit to the Photographer.

Certificate of Merit 5

The Photographer would be provided a Certificate from Karnataka Tourism.

Simple Steps to Participate

Step 1 - Register your details if you are participating in the contest for the first time. If you are already registered, you can directly go for Upload.

Step 2 - Upload your images. Enter your registered Email and Password, if requested, to login. You can upload one picture at a time. Thumbnails of your uploaded pictures will be shown on the right side. After submitting the maximum allowed number of pictures, you will not be allowed to upload any pictures.

Substituting an Uploaded Picture - If you want to change any picture already submitted, click on the icon below the picture that you want to substitute. This will remove that picture from your list and you will be allowed to upload another picture.