The results of World Tourism Day Photography Contest 2019 have been announced based on the judging of the pictures held on Wednesday 25th September, 2019. We thank the 195 participants who have submitted 675 pictures for the contest. Check Results Page for the winning images and participants. YPS Congratulates all the winners of the contest. Please wait for further instructions from YPS about distribution of prizes.

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World Tourism Day Photography Contest 2019

Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka in association with Youth Photographic Society®, is pleased to invite you to participate in the World Tourism Day Photography Contest 2019. The contest is being organized to celebrate World Tourism Day by recognizing photographers who could bring out the glory of heritage monuments in Karnataka.

Pictures not only speak for themselves but offers inspiration to explore, appreciate, cherish and treasure our rich heritage. Your photographs will show the world, the rich heritage of Karnataka.

Karnataka is home to many of the most spectacular, natural landscapes, exceptionally marvellous waterfalls, ancient caves and temples and uniquely rich cultural heritage. Along with the natural beauty in the form of landscape, ancient dynasties have added to its beauty with magnificent palaces, architecturally rich temples, majestic dams, monolithic statues, forts and buildings.

The focus of this contest is Heritage Monuments of Karnataka. Here are some of the monuments:

  • Hampi - Vijaya Vittala Temple, Zanana Enclosures...
  • Ancient Monuments of Pattadakkal
  • Rock Cut Caves at Badami
  • Hoysala Architecture at its Best at Belur, Halebidu and Somnathpur
  • Places of worship and other monuments of other architectures like Talakkadu
  • Massive Jain temples of Shravana Belagola and others places
  • Mohal architectural splendors like Ibrahim Rouza and Gol Gumbaz
  • Heritage Churches like St. Philomenas Cathedral at Mysore
  • Forts that have survived years of battles like Chitradurga Fort and Tippu Fort
  • Palaces like Mysore Palace

The list is not limited to this. The Photographs can cover any heritage monument so long as it is in Karnataka.

Last date to submit pictures is Sep 24, 2019

Here are some key points to note:

  • The contest is open to photo enthusiasts from all over India.
  • All Pictures must be submitted on-line through this website. Submission of pictures through emails and in print form will not be accepted.
  • The picture should have been shot in Karnataka. At the time of submission of the picture the photographer would be required to declare the location and confirm the correctness of the location. Prize will be withdrawn and the Photographer will not be allowed to participate in future contests, if it is established that the picture was not taken in Karnataka.
  • Pictures with the name of photographer in Title or File Name or on the face of the picture will be rejected.
  • If the picture submitted has recognizable isolated faces in prominence, the photographer submitting the picture should have the concurrence of the person(s) in the photograph for use in promotional material.
  • Karnataka Tourism will have the rights to use the award winning pictures in hoardings, publications and brochures of the department and other promotional materials created by the Department. Hence the photographer must be in a position to provide a full resolution picture in TIFF or JPEG format with at least 4500 pixels on the long side.

Read all Terms and Conditions before submitting your pictures.

The contest is hosted by Youth Photographic Society (YPS) Bengaluru.




World Tourism Day Photography Contest 2019

1st Award 1

Cash Award: Rs.15000

Best picture

2nd Award 1

Cash Award: Rs.7500

2nd Best picture

Certificate of Merit 3

Cash Award: Rs.3000 each

Pictures winning certificates

Simple Steps to Participate

Step 1 - Register your details if you are participating in the contest for the first time. If you are already registered, you can directly go for Upload.

Step 2 - Upload your images. Enter your registered Email and Password, if requested, to login. You can upload one picture at a time. Thumbnails of your uploaded pictures will be shown on the right side. After submitting the maximum allowed number of pictures, you will not be allowed to upload any pictures.

Substituting an Uploaded Picture - If you want to change any picture already submitted, click on the icon below the picture that you want to substitute. This will remove that picture from your list and you will be allowed to upload another picture.

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